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Causes of Pregnant Woman's Belly Size Looks Big or Small

The gestational age is quite old but how come its stomach still looks small huh? Ever encountered something like this? Or Bumil herself experienced it? Come on, find out the cause of the size of the belly of a pregnant woman. The stomach of a woman who is pregnant for the first time usually starts to look prominent at 12-16 weeks of gestation. After that, the size of the abdominal circumference will increase by an average of 1 cm per week. However, the size of the stomach of each pregnant woman can vary. Things That Affect the Shape and Size of the Stomach of Pregnant Women Does Bumil know what makes her stomach look big or small, is round or widened, and the abdomen looks high or low? Well, below are a few things that can affect the size and shape of a pregnant woman's stomach: 1. Body posture Pregnant women's posture can affect the shape or size of an enlarged abdomen due to pregnancy. Generally, the size of the abdomen will appear larger if the posture of the pregnan
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This is what doctors do when they first care for a child's teeth

You can start seeing a doctor to do dental treatment for children when they are 6 months to 1 year old, or when their first teeth grow. Unfortunately, many children feel afraid when they will undergo treatment at the dentist. Is your child one of them? Dental care of children at an early age is good for assessing tooth growth and preventing tooth decay. Teeth, especially milk teeth, have a very important role. Besides being used for chewing food, baby teeth will prepare space for permanent teeth that will grow after the child turns 6 years old. Dental Care for Children for the First Time When a child first comes for a dental examination, the dentist will do the examination in the most pleasant way possible. It is intended that children are not afraid of dentists. There are a number of treatments performed by dentists on children in their first visit, including: Examine the child's teeth as a whole. Check if there are cavities or broken teeth. Check the child's way to

Benefits of Red Fruit from Papua for Health

The red fruit (kuansu) called Latin Pandanus conoideus is a fruit that grows in the Papua region. The benefits of red fruit are believed by the people of Papua to treat various diseases and good for health. In Papua, red fruit is usually consumed by eating directly or chopped, then boiled or roasted. The seeds and red fruit flesh can be ground, mixed with water, and filtered to produce a thick red sauce as a spice in cooking. In addition, red fruit extract oil is also used as a food flavoring and natural coloring. Apart from being a food, red fruit is also used by the people of Papua as traditional medicine. Red fruit is believed to increase stamina and endurance of the disease. Benefits of Red Fruit for Health Red fruit contains a variety of important nutrients needed by the body, such as protein, calories, carbohydrates, healthy fats, and antioxidants such as vitamin E, vitamin C, alpha-carotene, beta-carotene, and anthocyanin dyes. In addition, red fruit is also believed to